Emergent Curriculum & the EYLF

Prompt: Explain the notion of emergent curriculum and how the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) facilitates it.

As I sit down, with the EYLF in my hand, I sigh. It’s finally time to get my head really around yet another framework.

Daydreaming of a trip Reggio Emilia, with an emergent curriculum on top of my philosophy I doubted this frameworks ability.

I flick to page one: Introduction. Suddenly I find myself inspired in this ‘I cannot put it down book’, the Da Vinci code, for early childhood educators.

I am overcome with the feeling that it is truly possible to teach children with such high quality practice. I feel the room to breath; it’s a framework not a day by day, you must do this instruction manual. The EYLF is a guide to my emergent curriculum ideals.

It clicks, the title says it all and reflects emergent curriculum: Belonging, Being and Becoming. Each heading to me means and for each child:

Belonging: The whole person and their connections to the community

Being: One living in the present, pursuing interests and playing for today.

Becoming: Recognising the whole person and developing the skills to engage in society.

As an educator through the eyes of the EYLF and emergent curriculum I am a partner with children in the great discovery of the world around us. With careful and considered planning, documenting and reflecting.

I now realise I should have never doubted this document, it’s creation involved the passion and knowledge of many early childhood academics and encompasses the most current practices, emergent curriculum being one of those.


Above I have created this quote and image, that to me describes emergent curriculum.

What are your thoughts on the EYLF and how it relates to Emergent Curriculum?


Arthur, L., Beecher, B., Death, E., Dockett, S., Farmer, S. (2005). Programming and planning in early childhood Settings. Victoria: Thomson

Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (2009). The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Belonging, being and becoming. ACT: Commonwealth of Australia.

All images sourced from own images.


About Jen

I am a having just completed my bachelor of early childhood education I am tracking my journey through the profession with creativity and wit. I also love fashion, reading, writing and travel.
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