Hopscotch & Monet to fill my day

Even though I am on holidays at the moment I am constantly reminded that I am, forever an Early Childhood Educator.

On my morning walk this week, I marvelled. At times I worry deeply that children do not get outside and play and interact with one another in the street. I worry that their holidays are spent indoors, in bubble wrap looking at a screen.

The children of my neighbourhood showed me not all hope is lost. As I walked along, I looked at my feet to notice a game of hopscotch along the footpath. Then I kept noticing, and noticing. This game of hopscotch spanned the whole block and it went on and on for approximately 400m. I imagined the day’s work for the children and the teamwork involved and smiled hopefully, always the early childhood educator.

A trip to a Monet exhibition filled my heart with lust for his art and also creative ideas as an educator. I longed to teach children about his art and share my lust. Whilst most adults leave an exhibition with the catalogue, I leave with the children’s guide, a Monet picture storybook and puppet. Forever I am the early childhood educator building up resources.


As much as I love having a break, I don’t think my mind ever really leaves my passion.


About Jen

I am a having just completed my bachelor of early childhood education I am tracking my journey through the profession with creativity and wit. I also love fashion, reading, writing and travel.
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