I love thought provoking conversation. This week at university we were discussing the nature of values and attitude. Often we resist change, but a shift can still occur, particularly when given experience and exposure.  My lecturer then asked whether we had ever noticed a change in our own values, which really got me thinking, and thinking, then finally I remembered something. I used to never think I would be interested in working with children with special needs. Then, at my job teaching swimming I began working with a child, one-on-one, who has severe autism. My perspective was changed, which sparked a deep passion and interest in working with children with special needs.

For them x


At first I did not know what to do,

But your smile, your laugh, touched my heart and a mutual fondness grew.

Young and naïve, I had much to learn.

And it certainly wasn’t about being stern.

Together we grew, and continue to grow.

Though words are not said, we connect within a look,

Something I could not learn from a book.

You taught me to look deeper inside,

To see the person others may think you hide.

I observed and saw what makes you smirk,

And all those things you could call a quirk.

Everyday is different,

But it is ours to hold,

A new story to be told.

People seem amazed,

Your parents are always there to praise.

What they do not realise,

Together we do not just benefit you.

You have shaped who I am today,

Who I will be,

What I will do,

And although you may never understand my dear friend,

I will forever say thank you.


About Jen

I am a having just completed my bachelor of early childhood education I am tracking my journey through the profession with creativity and wit. I also love fashion, reading, writing and travel.
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