Writing a Philosophy

As I reach the final Practicum of my degree, I am faced with writing my Philosophy in relation to this setting for the final time at university. To inspire myself I look over past philosophies, and realize what a deeply emotional and personal experience this is.

How can a put into a few words the passion that I have for Early Childhood. When people ask me why I study Early Childhood, and questions its importance, what can I say to them to develop an understanding and appreciation for what I do?

I ask them to consider being five years old again and consider what it was would be like to have someone deeply care about your learning at the time, to understand who you are at that point in your life see both you strengths and areas for improvement, your interests, your needs.

For someone to help develop who you are and your understandings of the World around you, while at the same time having fun and playing and making you feel safe.

To have someone who knew that you weren’t always going to have a perfect day, but they’d care for you anyway.

To have someone who always encouraged you to have a go, and to be creative as you want.

This person is not your family, but they work with your family, to understand who you are when they see you.

While we may need the important skills, of reading, writing and mathematics in our lives how can we do this without first discovering how important they are. I help them discover, I help them have fun and whilst learning to make friends in the process.

Imagine having someone in your life that got such joy out of seeing you laugh and smile, they joined in.

That is who I am, for every child who walks through my door. I care about who they are, who they are going to be and I care about living in the moment with them.

Imagine now having someone in your life that cares like this; imagine who you’d be.


About Jen

I am a having just completed my bachelor of early childhood education I am tracking my journey through the profession with creativity and wit. I also love fashion, reading, writing and travel.
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