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I am a having just completed my bachelor of early childhood education I am tracking my journey through the profession with creativity and wit. I also love fashion, reading, writing and travel.

Writing a Philosophy

As I reach the final Practicum of my degree, I am faced with writing my Philosophy in relation to this setting for the final time at university. To inspire myself I look over past philosophies, and realize what a deeply … Continue reading

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I love thought provoking conversation. This week at university we were discussing the nature of values and attitude. Often we resist change, but a shift can still occur, particularly when given experience and exposure.  My lecturer then asked whether we … Continue reading

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Play is understanding

Prompt: “Play is a child’s life and the means by which he comes to understand the world he lives in”. My play: sometimes all you need is your siblings and some rocks… When I think of play, as an adult, I … Continue reading

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How a name makes you smile.

A break always reminds me of how much I love what I do.

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Hopscotch & Monet to fill my day

Even though I am on holidays at the moment I am constantly reminded that I am, forever an Early Childhood Educator. On my morning walk this week, I marvelled. At times I worry deeply that children do not get outside … Continue reading

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Emergent Curriculum & the EYLF

Prompt: Explain the notion of emergent curriculum and how the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) facilitates it. As I sit down, with the EYLF in my hand, I sigh. It’s finally time to get my head really around yet another framework. … Continue reading

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